Блог Андрія Огороднікова Хто з мечем до нас прийде, від меча й загине.


08.03.2022, 15:57

🇺🇦 President @ZelenskyyUa: “Mariupol was surrounded, blocked, is being exhausted, tortured. For the first time in dozens of years, perhaps for the first time since the Nazi invasion, a child died of dehydration. Hear me, today, dear partners! A child died of dehydration in 2022!
The blame for every death in Ukraine from air strikes and in blocked cities lies with 🇷🇺. The fault lies with the invaders, but the responsibility for this lies also with those who havenʼt been able to make a necessary decision somewhere in the offices for 13 days.
I was told that the International Red Cross, forbids us to use the emblem on vehicles carrying out humanitarian missions. The Red Cross prohibits it as if it is their property. This says a lot about the fact that some people, very influential, have decided to give up Ukrainians.
If the world stands aloof, itʼll lose itself. Forever. Because there are unconditional values, same for everyone. First of all, this is life, right to life for everyone. This is what weʼre fighting for in 🇺🇦,what invaders want to deprive us of, what the whole world must protect.”